Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alex Rodriguez Possibly Open To Trade In Offseason

Bob Nightengale reported that Yankees Alex Rodriguez would not stand in the way of a potential trade this offseason to another big market club. He did mention that Alex would not ask for a trade or demand a trade but would be willing to waive his full no trade clause and 10/5 player rights for a move to another big market. The Yankees have expressed interest in eating a significant portion of his contract to make a deal happen or even take back another bad contract in return to make the deal happen. Bob mentioned Vernon Wells as a prime example and I hope it was just that, an example, because A Rod is light years ahead of Vernon Wells at a "premium" position, and still somewhat useful. Vernon Wells is an outfielder that we do not necessarily need and is owed $42 million through the 2014 season. Expect to hear nothing but A Rod trade rumors all winter long. Frankly, I am excited #sarcasm. 


  1. The only way I'd be for a trade of ARod was if we were only left with like 25% of his deal. That way there would be enough money left-over to get a really good 3B, without having to spend as much as they currently are just for Alex.

    And although I highly doubt ARod will put up MVP-like numbers ever again, I do think he has something left in the tank.

  2. We can get a really good 3B without breaking the bank it will just have to be a Michael Pineda type trade. Chase Headley is not making much money at all and has to be in the discussion for the best 3B in the National League.