Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Open Letter To The Yankees On Game 162

Dear New York Yankees:

I have been a fan of your organization for what seems like my entire 26 year (and counting) life and have always supported by coming out to the stadium, buying the merchandise, watching on TV, etc etc etc. I have not asked for much (well if you do not count the 2009 off season where I begged Brian Cashman to "Get Greedy" and sign Manny Ramirez to complete the Swisher, AJ, CC, Teixeira signing sprees and thus influenced us to make and name this blog) and I will continue to not ask for much, especially if it is unrealistic. I did not expect to be comfortable on game 162 because nothing has come easy for this team this season especially since August. I actually sort of expected a 163rd game but I hate to even say that out loud, but I digress. All I ask is that you go out and play hard tomorrow, do not get yourselves out, and do not let the binder ruin us one last time. Just win today..... please?

Your biggest fan

The Greedy Pinstripes

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