Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yankees Opt Out Of Stubhub Deal, Opt For Ticketmaster

The Yankees have opted out of Major League Baseball's secondary ticket market agreement with the ever popular Stubhub, who I use personally, in favor of ticketmaster. The reasoning behind it is this will keep tickets more price friendly with less fee's and if that is the truth then who could not get behind that? I know personally stubhub, especially for Yankees games on the road, the prices become ballooned just because people like me only get to see the Yankees in Atlanta once every four or five years so the owner knows I will pay it, and I do happily I may add. Either way I cannot see this being a huge deal either way to Joe Fan like you and I but I am sure there was a fiscal reason behind this. Oh well, just get me my tickets I do not care who I have to go through.

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