Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yankees Announce DSL 2 Roster For 2013

The Yankees have announced their 2013 Dominican Summer League 2 roster and in honor of "Prospects Month" here on The Greedy Pinstripes we wanted to bring it to you first. For the official Yankees DSL 2 website and news please go HERE. Here is the Yankees DSL 2 roster:


Carlos Diaz
Hector Bello
Josias Sanchez
Juan Jimenez
Jose Pujols
Christopher Cabrera
Francisco Duran
Raudy Guzman
Hershelon Juliana
Hector Martinez
Eduardo Rivera
Jose Pichardo
Aderlis Reyes
David Rodriguez
Kelvin Magallanes
Elvin Perez
Maikel De La Rosa
Rafael Ordaz
Brayan Alcantara
Moises Cedeno


Ozzie Liranzo
Alvaro Noriega
Jesus Aparicio


Jhoan Gomez
Yohanny Castillo
Angel Aguilar
Daniel Barrios
Bryan Cuevas
Victor Rey
Allen Valerio
Jorge Mateo


Freite Marte
Junior Valera
Barfil Munoz
Abraham Pierret
Wascar Rodriguez

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