Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Comparing Apples & Oranges

Would you trust this man to tell you the truth?

Yesterday Ken Rosenthal wrote an article that covered the Yankees trade for Vernon Wells. Normally I'd read an article like that and move on, but this particular piece was something I wanted to respond to.

Before I get to the main reason I'm responding to Rosenthal's article, I wanted to pass along some information regarding how Vernon Wells' contract will affect the Yankees payroll in terms of avoiding the Luxury Tax in 2014.

I had written that the Yankees would actually get a credit, since the average annual value of Vernon's contract was $18 million, while the Angels would be giving the Yankees about $20 million according to the terms of the trade, meaning the effect on payroll would be -$2 million. Well that's not true. It turns out that the MLB labor agreement makes it so a team can not receive a credit like that. Instead, Vernon Wells' salary will be zero in 2014. I still like what the Wells deal does for the team next season, as it'll give the team an outfield option that is essentially free, but an extra couple million bucks would have been nice.

On to the main reason I'm responding to Rosenthal's article...

A number of Yankee fans have been up-in-arms over the Yankees taking on about $13 million of Vernon Wells' contract, saying the team could have used that money to sign somebody else. That "somebody else", in this case, being Russell Martin.

This has bugged the hell out of me, and for one simple reason...

The Yankees didn't know they'd be in this situation on November 30th, when Martin's deal with Pittsburgh became official.

I really don't think Brian Cashman, nor anybody else for that matter, has a crystal ball or other device that tells the future. If you had told Cash in November that he should re-sign Martin because Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Curtis Granderson would all be starting the 2013 season on the Disabled List, he probably would have patted you on the head and told you not to be so pessimistic.

Sure, injuries happen. The Yankees are hardly the only team that's suffered injuries during Spring Training. Just look at the Angels, who are dealing with Albert Pujols and his surgically repaired knee. Or look at the Mets and their situation with David Wright, who strained an abdominal muscle diving for a ground ball. But if you really thought the Yankees would be without four of their eight starting positional players for Opening Day then you're a liar. 

In summary, the acquisition of Vernon Wells, and the team not bringing back Russell Martin, are not related. If you want to get upset over the Yankees refusing to offer Martin a one year deal... that's fine. I find it odd myself. But don't try and call out Brian Cashman for spending on Wells and not somebody like Martin. All you do is end up sounding like a hater that simply wants something else to piss and moan about.


  1. Replies
    1. The sad thing is that a lot of that hate is coming from Yankee "fans".

  2. People should have a right to complain because Cashman stretched himself thin, yeah nobody saw the rash of injuries coming but you cannot tell me if that a player of Martins stature (while not being a superstar) is a damn big upgrade over what they decided to go with. If the Yankees had this money to spend, which they clearly did then why only spend it when there are lesser players to spend it on. Spend money on the best players available and worry about the other stuff later. I would feel a lot better with a Martin in the lineup, so in this case you are wrong. Sure the moves of trading for Wells and not signing Martin don't directly affect each other, but you cannot say that the money would have been better spent on Martin or any sort of bench upgrade. Cashman decided to go into the season with the weakest lineup/bench since 2008.

    1. I don't think he, nor the team, wanted to spend any more money. But due to the current state of the team he had little choice. THAT'S the point.


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