Friday, April 5, 2013

Game 4 Lineup: Yankees vs. Tigers

Here we are with the quick turn-around. Last night the Yankees were in the Bronx, today they're in Detroit. Here's the lineup:

Brett Gardner CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Travis Hafner DH
Brennan Boesch RF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Chris Stewart C

RHP Ivan Nova


  1. Now Nunez is out of the game.. Can we just bring up the Trenton Roster already.

  2. Nunny seemed to be in a lot of pain, could have a broken arm.

  3. Yankees official twitter says that Nunez was hit in the chest. And since it's 44 degrees down there, that must have hurt badly.

  4. Bad move bringing Logan in, he hasn't looked good this year.

  5. Thankfully Nunez should be ok. One of the few joys to watch so far this season

  6. Nova said he thought he pitched "well" today. WHAT??? Kid really needs a reality check a trip to Triple A could serve him some good.

  7. I agree Doug. Logan has looked terrible lately. He's always been a guy with good stuff but makes too many command mistakes. The Rapada injury hurts them there as that would have been a situation for him....1 lefty batter in a big spot. Rapada was more effective vs Lefties than Logan last yr as he limited them to a .186 BA and miniscule .518 OPS.

  8. I would have kept Nuno in the pen, he looked better this spring. I know you can't always go by that but relief pitchers for the most part don't remain effective that long.

  9. Sometimes pitches have the stuff physically but not mentally. What a difference between the mental make up of Nova compared to Pettite. Pettite is a competitor that can win when he doesn't have his best stuff.

  10. Funny that the players doing well right now are the players we were worried about, and the players doing poorly are the returning players. It's a small sample but Cano looks sub par at the plate, he was hot in the WBC and now he's not. The team is not pitching well either, which is a little bit of a surprise to me. To early to make a real judgement, but the Yanks do need some good pitching soon to right the ship.

  11. Logan looks horrible and without Rapada they need to consider another lefty in the pen. I consider Nuno more of a multi-inning reliever or starter but I suppose he could adapt to a short reliever vs lefties. They also have Juan Cedeno ready in AAA who is a 1 inning/loogy type. He pitched in the WBC for the Dominican and was solid in Scranton last yr. Not dominating but held Lefties to a .240 BA and .670 OPS.

    Josh Spence is in AAA and has MLB experience with San Diego the last 2 yrs briefly. He's similar to Rapada in that he's a TOTAL LOOGY. RH hitters tee off on him but LH batters in the Majors hit just .158 with a .458 OPS over 86 PAs (12 hits, 23 Ks, 8 Walks).

  12. fishjam, I agree, Nuno is the next best lefty in the minors so I would go with him. He also looked good in the spring. Many starters start off in the majors as relief pitchers. As for Spence, he's an ASU graduate, I followed him there. He doesn't appear to have the stuff but he gets hitters out, the Aussy would be my next choice in the pen.


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