Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mark Teixeira Injury Update

Mark Teixeira up to this point has only been able to hit the baseball off of a tee and do some toss in his rehab from his wrist injury. Mark is still yet to take live batting practice which is going to be an obvious sign on whether he has fully healed or not. The tricky thing for Teixeira, and the part this is going to make this so time consuming, is that Teix is a switch hitter and is going to have to get enough swings from both sides of the plate before he comes back to the majors. The Yankees are obviously not missing him with a career year coming from Lyle Overbay but you have to be concerned that its getting into the latter parts of May and Teix has still not seen a live batting practice session.

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  1. "do some toss" ... tee and toss means the hitter is hitting off a tee and hitting balls tossed to him (usually tossed underhand)


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