Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yankees 2013 Draft Budgets

The Yankees have three first round picks in tonight's draft, which will broadcast at 7:00 pm ET on MLB Network, including the 26th pick, 32nd, and 33rd picks in the first round. The Yankees will have a ton of money to spend on this first round talent. See below:

26th pick slot is $1,839,400.000
32nd pick slot is $1,677,100.00
33rd pick slot is $1,650,100.00

The Yankees have 12 picks all together in this years draft totaling a staggering $7,957,400.00. This is the 8th highest budget in all of baseball which is amazing for a team that had the best record in the American League last season in 2012. The Yankees made some great picks and signings last year, some way below the slot recommendation, and found a way to come away from the draft with stellar talent without penalties for over spending. The draft and new collective bargaining agreement that was written to keep the Yankees down has not exactly done that to date so watch tonight as the Yankees spend their roughly $8 million on the newest Yankees talent.

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