Monday, July 1, 2013

Aaron Judge 2013 MLB Draft Signing Update

The Yankees have one player in their top 17 picks that has not signed yet and that is Aaron Judge. Today we got a little bit of an update today regarding Judge and his potential signing with the Yankees. The Yankees have offered Judge a slot recommended deal and Judge has thus far rejected that deal. Judge is holding out for more money which is kind of perplexing to me. I know Judge is a college Junior and has the option of returning back to school for his senior season but I cannot see him getting picked any higher next season then he did this season. By my unofficial account the Yankees have more than $100,000 in draft pool money available from signing guys like John Murphy to below slot deals so a deal will probably happen I just hate that it hasn't happened yet. Ian Clarkin and Eric Jagielo did not get over slot deals and I cannot see why Aaron Judge deserves one and they don't but maybe it's me.

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