Monday, July 1, 2013

Yankees Will Likely Sign Yonauris Rodriguez Tomorrow

Yonaruris Rodriguez is a Dominican short stop that the Yankees will likely sign tomorrow when International spending starts at midnight. The contract is expected to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 which will eat up a nice chunk of the Yankees $1,880,000 they have to spend for the entire year in the international pool. Y Rod, yeah I am starting that before anyone else gets the idea, is a right handed batter and is considered to be a defensive wizard with quick feet and soft hands. Ben Badler did not rank him in his top 30 International Prospects list before this years international spending spree started but the Yankees have seen enough of him in the Dominican Prospect League and at their minor league complex to know they want him in Yankees pinstripes. The Yankees will almost certainly max out their international spending cap with the expected signings of Y Rod and Leonardo Molina tomorrow.


  1. I'm throwing Yo-Rod into the ring.

    1. I Like that, Yo Rod it is. Whats your name so you can get the credit mr/mrs anonymous


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