Monday, July 1, 2013

Are We A Trade Match With The Whitesox - Infielders

The Yankees have had a lack luster amount of production from their infielders with big time players Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Kevin Youkilis, Mark Teixeira, and Francisco Cervelli all on the disabled list this season. The Chicago White Sox have some veterans available that could easily be upgrades over the current batch of Yankees including David Adams, Jayson Nix, Alberto Gonzalez, and even Lyle Overbay. With the White Sox ready to sell earlier than the July 31st trade deadline let's look at how the Yankees and White Sox may match up in a trade.

Gordon Beckham may be the best White Sox player this season when he put up a .317/.345/.394 triple slash with a .740 OPS. Beckham has been playing second base for the White Sox but is capable of playing third base and outfield in the past for the Sox. Beckham does not have the right handed power that the Yankees need as evident by his 0 home runs this season and 7 RBI's in 104 at bats this season. Beckham is a free agent after the season and is owed nearly $3,000,000 for this season so he would be a good target for the Yankees to look at this July.

Conor Gillaspie has put up a triple slash of .249/.306/.376 with an OPS of .682 this season while playing third base for the White Sox. Right off the bat the fact that he is left handed probably hurts his chances of being acquired by the Yankees even though he throws right handed. Gillaspie has put up 5 home runs and 19 RBI's in limited at bats this season but he has 8 doubles and a triple this season. He would not be a Plan A or even a Plan B for the Yankees in my opinion but he may be a back up plan in case we cannot acquire an insurance policy for Alex Rodriguez before then.

Alexei Ramirez may have the issue of being too good to be true for the Yankees to acquire this season. Alexei has put up a triple slash of .281/.307/.346 with an OPS of .654 in 306 at bats this season. Alexei has been the White Sox short stop all season, a position we are consistently throwing guys like Jayson Nix and Alberto Gonzalez out at, and hits from the right side of the plate, both pluses for the Yankees. Ramirez has also hit a home run with 17 RBI's with 18 stolen bases in 22 attempts this season, also pluses for the Yankees. The problem is we have this guy named Derek Jeter working his way back and Alexei is signed for  $7,000,000 this season and a total of $29,500,000 for the next three seasons including a club option for the 2016 season. I cannot see Alexei taking a lesser role to play for the Yankees, well he wouldn't be happy about it anyway, and that may be the only reason that the Yankees will not acquire Alexei Ramirez at this years trading deadline.

Tyler Flowers is not going anywhere as he seems to be the future of the Chicago White Sox behind the dish so get that idea out of your heads. Paul Konerko would be like a great dream for the Yankees but the White Sox have already said that they will not be trading him away. A power hitting right handed veteran at first base would really be an upgrade for us so that is really a shame that we cannot make a run at him. Adam Dunn makes $15,000,000 this season and next season and with a batting average of .200 to go with his 91 strike outs the Yankees would be down right foolish to make a run at him. Jeff Keppinger just signed a three year deal with the White Sox so I cannot see him being moved or us ponying up the prospect haul to acquire the infielder. Conor Gillaspie, Gordon Beckham, and Alexei Ramirez could be Yankees trade targets this July and all three would probably be upgrades for the Yankees. Will Brian Cashman pull the trigger? Who knows...

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