Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alfonso Soriano Trade Is Imminent With The Yankees


9:19 pm : The Yankees and the Cubs have agreed upon the pitcher(s) that will go to the Cubs in return for Soriano. Early speculation says that Chase Whitley and/or Joel De La Cruz will go to Chicago to complete the deal

10:04 pm : The deal is agreed upon but the deal is not likely to happen tonight. Since so much money is changing hands this needs to be approved by Commissioner Bud Selig first. This deal is expected to be approved sometime tomorrow before the game with the Tampa Bay Rays. 

The deal that was "close" three days ago is now considered to be imminent as Alfonso Soriano has been scratched once again from the Chicago Cubs lineup tonight. Cubs manager Dale Svuem has even went as far as to confirm that the deal is all but done and could happen any second now. The reported, well I guess the better word would be speculated but it is actually reported everywhere so we will go with that, deal is a lower level pitching prospect going to Chicago along with us picking up some of the cash that is owed for this season. The Cubs are expected to pick up 100% of Soriano's $18,000,000 owed to him for the 2014 season.

The New York Yankees have an open 40 man roster spot so the Yankees would only have to make a 25 man roster spot. As much as I would like to see Travis Hafner off this team in the worst way, especially with not having the DH pretty much all of next week, but it seems likely that either Thomas Neal or Melky Mesa will go down to Scranton.


  1. I actually like this deal...just saying!

  2. I'm interested to see if the Yankees will have Soriano play infield too. With Wells, Gardner, Mesa/Neal, and Ichiro still on the roster after this deal, they obviously have enough guys playing the outfield. Plus, Soriano has infield expirience in his career, so it wouldn't be that new to him.

    1. Jack it has been a LONG time since Soriano has played the infield so I cannot see it happening unless there is an emergency. Neal/Mesa will go down to make room on the 25 man roster for Soriano.

  3. I know, but let's say A-Rod gets back and isn't banned for life. Then what will happen? He'll be playing everyday and the Yankees will have to send down another young outfielder (Neal or Mesa, depending on who doesn't get sent down tonight), then the everyday lineup would PROBABLY be Wells in left, Gardner in Center, and Ichiro in right. And then eventually Granderson will get back meaning that another outfield spot will be filled. Then Wells/Soriano will be benched. When that happens, both of them will probably have to learn how to play the infield since there's basically no chance of the Yankees giving two of their starting outfielders the day off on the same day. Also, in my opinion Soriano not playing infield for a long time wouldn't matter. In his few games at third base this year, Vernon Wells is error-less, and he's never played infield. So to say that a guy who has played infield in his career would've lost his touch by now probably wouldn't hold up when talking about a major league player.

  4. Hafner disappears and it opens a revolving door at DH. Problem solved.

  5. Good point. But I still think there's hope for Hafner. In the end, my arguments complicated. But I do think that we will see Soriano play the infield in the ninth inning of a blow out game at some point this year. Maybe a 20-3 game or something?

  6. Not unless we are the team scoring 3....

    And like I said if its an emergency situation then sure but other than that I cant see it. Hafner is toast in New York, call it a hunch. He is the only one without versatility. If we can cut David Aardsma for his lack of an ability to go multiple innings we can cut Hafner for being a DH only that doesnt hit for power, average, or take enough walks to make him worth it.

  7. I guess that 20-3 score was a huge exaggeration, but do you really think he will NEVER play infield again in the Bronx. What if it's the kinda situation whenever Wells plays infield. I think there's a respectable chance of it happening. I bet Soriano would like to do it at least once.

  8. Also, if Jayson Nix has a setback anytime soon. My argument could have something to back it up.

  9. I said a few times that it would be an emergency situation and Soriano would play the infield. I cant juts see Girardi putting Sori in there to give Cano a day off or something.


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