Thursday, July 25, 2013

ZIPS Predicts The Next Robinson Cano Contract

Mike Axisa has an interesting article up over at River Avenue Blues using the ZIPS system to predict the next contract for Robinson Cano. I won't spoil too much and ask you to please give Mike a click on the link to check out his work because it is top notch like it always is. For the lazy though I will say that ZIPS says Cano will be worth an eight year deal worth $181,000,000. Mike speculates that Cano will at least want $190,000,000 to exceed Derek Jeter's monster contract that he signed what seems like forever ago but it is all purely speculation at this point. At least ZIPS didn't say $200,000,00 plus is all I care about because there is no way even Robinson Cano could ever be worth that.

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