Thursday, July 11, 2013

Derek Jeter Removed From Game With Tightness In Quad

Well, it didn't take long for Derek Jeter to suffer an injury after his return. Although the severity of the injury is unknown.

When Brett Gardner pinch hit for Jeter in the 8th inning I didn't give it much thought. The game seemed to be in hand, so why not take DJ out? It may only be one at bat, but things can happen to even the healthiest of players when swinging, so being careful with somebody just returning from a long stint on the DL was fine by me.

Now we've learned that Derek felt some tightness in his right quadricep. Joe Girardi didn't seem worried about it, and I'm not overly concerned either, but the team sent the Captain for tests as a precaution. Jeter didn't play a whole lot before tonight's game, so having some tightness here or there is not a surprise at all. Let's just hope Jete is okay.

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