Sunday, February 9, 2014

Construction Happening At The Minor League Complex

If you are one of the few and lucky that have been down to the New York Yankees minor league complex down in Tampa you have noticed the likes of Derek Jeter and Dean Anna, among others, working out getting ready for spring training. You have also seen construction crews all over the place trying to better the Yankees minor league complex with new buildings to house meetings, a cafeteria for players, the four baseball diamonds being refurbished, and a dormitory for the players is also being discussed internally by the Yankees brass.

The Cincinnati Reds used to own this plot of land and Yankees senior vice president of baseball operations mentioned this in an interview from the NY Daily News:

“These fields have been here since Johnny Bench was an 18-year-old”

The Yankees also went all moneyball on us by hiring a guy with a PhD in advanced math and statistics and put his office right next to Newman's. The Yankees have added other scouts and personnel but this guy, who remains nameless, is devoted to the player development area that is really intriguing. Maybe there is some hope for the Yankees system after all.

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