Saturday, February 1, 2014

Longest Month of the Year

February. It even sounds long and boring. If you live on the East Coast and love Yankee baseball it is an eternity. 

Add the fact that the Yankees have all these shiny new toys to play with and it's simply painful. I want to see McCann pop one over the short porch, Ellsbury steal second and Tanaka with his first quality start TODAY!  

Don't get me wrong, the Superbowl dulls the pain for the first week. I know we all can't wait to see the battle between Manning and Sherman, as well as the chance to hear every one at your SB party giggle under their breath at every "OMAHA", but when it's over....sigh. 

Being that I am a fantasy nut, this is usually the time of year I start scouring the sites and fantasy publications for this years "up and comers". Although, don't get too comfortable, someone will see your new found free time and begin to draft up a "honey DO list"!

Anyway, we all have our own ways of getting through the month before spring training. Any ideas out there? 

Lay em' on me?

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