Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ervin Santana Comes Off The Yankees Board, For Real This Time

The last time we had this discussion we were fed some bad information that Ervin Santana had agreed upon a one year deal worth $14 million with the Toronto Blue Jays, that obviously was not true. Almost a week later Santana was signed today by the Atlanta Braves on a one year deal worth exactly $14.1 million, a qualifying offer in 2014 and much like the one Santana rejected from the Kansas City Royals way back in November.

The Braves likely Opening Day starter Kris Medlen left a spring training game with pitching stiffness in his arm and is likely to require a second Tommy John surgery to repair the ligament. Atlanta wasted no time jumping into the Santana sweepstakes and swooped him up today to bring him to Turner Field.

The Yankees never really seemed interested in Santana, whether they should have been or not is another discussion for another post, but this discussion has officially bee put to bed. Santana is in Atlanta for at least the 2014 season.

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