Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hey Guys, Ervin Santana Is Still Out There

I have all but given up on the idea that Stephen Drew will be a member of the New York Yankees but I refuse to give up on Ervin Santana. It is March 5th, unless the guy is more of a pre-madonna douche than Alex Rodriguez is or blinder than Helen Keller the stories of his demands not coming down have to be false, they have to be. Somebody is going to get Santana either on a high AAV short term deal or for a steal so why can't it be the Yankees?

Having too much pitching is not a problem especially when one of the guys in the running for the fifth spot has not pitched in two years, Michael Pineda. Is he really ready and stretched out to go a whole season, even being skipped occasionally as a fifth starter? I have my doubts, serious doubts. Ervin Santana is probably, even in a hitting friendly stadium, better than David Phelps and Adam Warren over 30-35 starts and is the guy I trust the most to make that many starts. Same goes with Vidal Nuno who continues to pitch well but had a pretty serious groin injury last season.

Listen, I'm a self professed prospect humper and a Yankees fan first and foremost so I just want the guy who will give us the best chance to win. If that is Pineda, Nuno, Phelps, Warren, or anyone else I am missing then fine, pass on Santana, but I don't think it is.


  1. Why the hell not? Sign him to a one year deal

    1. Three years or less would be an absolute steal


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