Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Looking For A Writer To Cover The Trenton Thunder

The Greedy Pinstripes have a possible opportunity to expand our coverage and our media credentials that we would like to share with somebody. Unfortunately none of us on the staff live in close proximity to the Trenton Thunder but we have the opportunity to receive credentials for a full season. That is where you, the readers, come in. We are looking for one or two members that live near the Thunder, attend games, and would be willing to report back and write for the blog.

Please send all requests and such to The Greedy Pinstripes at gmail. We need these in pretty quick as the deadline for the application is next week. We will also need a sample or two of writing to make sure before we sign you up. If you're interested and want to join one of the fastest growing blogs in the Yankees Universe contact us now.

Thank you all for reading and your continued support, without you guys posts like this would not be a reality.


  1. I would be interested but how many games are you talking to be covered. I live in North NJ, closer to the parent team but still not that far

    1. As many as you could obviously. Couldn't expect every game, whatever you feel comfortable with. Shoot me an email, we'll talk.

  2. Yankee Fans Unite....those guys go to Trenton games.
    If they are not subject to home arrest, I'm sure they would be adequate.


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