Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brewers, White Sox, & Mariners Scouting Yankees Players

Via George A King the Yankees had a few visitors recently scouting their players for potential trades. The Seattle Mariners recently had a scout at last night's loss against the Baltimore Orioles scouting Yankees starting pitcher David Phelps. Phelps may be expendable with so many arms, Adam Warren, Vidal Nuno, and Michael Pineda to name a few, vying for that last rotation spot and for open spots in the Yankees bullpen. I can't see the Mariners having anything we would necessarily want unless they are willing to give up Tijuan Walker, I'd take that. It's a Nick Franklin for Phelps trade that is more likely to happen but you have to have dreams, right?

The Chicago White Sox were also in attendance last night at George M. Steinbrenner Field keeping their eyes on Yankees players. The White Sox are said to have a few infielders available for young catching depth. The Milwaukee Brewers are also said to be in the backup catcher market making John Ryan Murphy, Francisco Arcia, and Austin Romine especially attractive. The Brewers are said to be dangling Rickie Weeks and Aramis Ramirez while Chicago is willing to part with Gordon Beckham and Jeff Keppinger.

I personally want no part of either Keppinger and Beckham but Weeks and especially Ramirez intrigue the hell out of me. Both are owed a ton of money, so you would think they come cheap in terms of players acquired, and both may be better than what New York currently has. Ramirez has surprisingly been the 6th best third basemen in all the league using wRC+ with his 136 wRC+ over the last three seasons. Even if Ramirez is a shell of his former self he would be a huge upgrade as a right handed platoon over Eduardo Nunez.

Get it done Cash, you have my approval, just make it for Romine and not Murphy, I'd like to keep him a bit longer.


  1. Diamond Backs, also scouting the Yankees......This is the one I'm keeping tabs on.
    The Diamond Backs have a similar situation, as do the Yankees.
    Arizona has ML ready young shortstops, while the Yanks ML ready young catchers.

    Now focus the laser on.......Chris Owings. A 22-23 year old RH shortstop.
    A number four pick when drafted. Superb fielder, thrower, and runs well. Has hit very well coming up.
    Arizona wants young catching.....kick hard at the tires with Sanchez. This one could be special.
    The Yankees have young outfielders blocked, and young catchers a plenty.

    This is a solid young, well regarded shortstop, who may be obtainable. ( My choice to trade for. )
    Also, which Yankee shortstop is leaving at the end of the season ?....sorry Anna, Nunez, et all.

    From reading....Scott Sizemore, could be in the lead for that last bench spot. ( Barring a trade )

    1. Yeah Didi Gregorious could be had, which is interesting.

      Chris Owings = Mason Williams, and I am not the only one who thinks so. has Mason ranked #75 and Owings ranked #77.... just to give everyone an idea.

    2. Daniel.....from what I hear, Gegorious is maybe obtainable.
      But, Owings is the one you should go for. He is at a different level.

    3. He also costs more... I'd rather keep Sanchez and trade Murphy or Romine. They are the ones most affected by the logjam.

    4. Daniel...they are all affected by the Brian McCann log jam.
      If one thinks Owings can be our next shortstop.....send them Sanchez.
      Sanchez is still an unknown, that is 1-3 years away. He should not be the stumbling block.

    5. The logjam is also in AAA where two major league ready catchers would have to split time... because of our very capable backup in Cervelli. Just hate seeing development stunted because of lack of playing time.

  2. David Phelps....he is not David Cone. Nor ever will be.
    If the Mariners are showing an interest in conversation.
    But, include Jesus Montero in the talks. He is fixable. We could steal him back.

    Young people say, do things like he recently has done.

    "...Over the winter, Montero played first base in the winter league in his home country of Venezuela but suffered a lacerated right hand in a car accident, and then, by his own admission, was careless with his diet and came into this year's Spring Training in Peoria, Ariz., well overweight....( 40 pounds !!!!!!....
    Careless !.....Imagine if he was just dumb ?....140 pounds !!! )

    The luster from the big trade has worn off, and Montero is up against it in a tough camp, with Justin Smoak and Logan Morrison also figuring to get playing time at first......"

    Bring the young man back home. Is there a Paul O'Neil boot camp ? He is fixable.

    1. I've said bring Montero back before, I like the idea. Maybe not for Phelps unless Nick Franklin is included in the deal.

  3. No don't trade Phelps. He's got a lot of potential and is way to young to give up on

  4. JACK N.....all do respect sir. ....But, David Phelps is a back of the rotation pitcher at best. Long man,
    could be his slot. I think Warren has passed him. Trade him while his value is highest.
    If you can bring back, and work with Montero....while reading the riot act. ......Go for it !

    1. Why not try him as an eighth or seventh inning guy? I know that there's a spot on this team that he'd be good at.

    2. He hasn't proven he can pitch in those situations, not yet anyway. Warren has proved he can pitch in late inning situations though.

  5. I like Montero for Phelps. From what I saw in that brief September, Montero can hit. His time in Seattle means nothing. There's something in the water there. They bring in really good players every year that forget how to play baseball when they get there.

    1. Montero has virtually no trade value too, not that Phelps has a ton of it himself after a down season. A trade like this could put that "who won the trade" discussion to bed...


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