Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ready To Announce A Winner In The Pineda Trade Yet?

Honestly I think this may go on for at least three or four more seasons before we have a true and concise answer to this question but do we have a winner in the Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi for Michael Pineda and Jose Campos trade yet? We had a very lengthy discussion on twitter yesterday afternoon about it and it got me wondering if I am wrong and stubborn or just following the wrong crowd. Have the Yankees not won this trade yet?

The way I see it, and again this is just my opinion, the Yankees got a pitcher for six years of team control that threw in the upper 90's who had proven he could win in the Major Leagues and the American League. The Yankees also got a guy in Campos that easily slotted in as one of their best, if not their best, pitching prospect in all the system. The Mariners got a guy without a position, a home run or strike out bat, a guy with declining and very questionable defense, a guy who was already being called lazy, a guy with a bad attitude, a guy benched for his attitude and work ethic, and a guy who would lose his one redeeming factor, his power, in his new stadium in Montero. Brian Cashman hyped the hell out of Noesi before the trade happened and the Mariners bought into it, whoops.

I realize Pineda came into camp fat and uninterested in 2012 and Campos has been hurt and non existent, I get it, but has Montero not come into camp fat and uninterested? Has Montero given the Mariners much more than the Yankees have gotten out of Pineda? You also have to keep in mind that the Yankees babied Pineda last season and pushed him back, that should not go against Pineda whatsoever. Campos has been injured but still has his entire career ahead of him, as does Pineda, where Noesi is probably cleaning toilets somewhere by now. Montero is delegated to AAA first basemen or DH and cannot even crack an offensively anemic team's 25 man roster, especially desperate for right handed hitting and power hitters, which speaks volumes to me.

The Yankees didn't "rape", a term I have seen thrown around describing a one sided trade, the Mariners and honestly it may still be too early to tell but if history and this spring training is any indicator the Yankees got the better end of this deal. Pineda has a ton of upside and has four years of team control left and the sky is the limit for Campos while Montero will always remember his curtain call at Yankee Stadium and Noesi will bag groceries for a living. I'm kidding obviously, but not by much.


  1. Is there anyone that has doubts on who won this trade? It is hard to see why anyone could be in denial...we did, for once!

    1. Go on Twitter and ask that question. Bryan Van Dusen started a war on Twitter last night about this trade lol.

    2. I don't know how to use My Twitter Account, so I can't. And truth be told, wouldn't if I did know how to use it.


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