Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Could Have Been w/ Alex Rodriguez In 2014

Oh what could have been with Alex Rodriguez had he not been an idiot and take steroids again, or at least get caught doing it. This would, well could have been, a season full of milestones for Alex on his way to the Hall of Fame had he not taken the roids. Oh well, here's the list of what could have been if we had Alex Rodriguez healthy all season long for us down at third base in 2014.

Alex was sitting on 2,939 hits when his 2013 season ended and could have easily gotten his 3,000th hit by the All Star Game in 2014. 100 hits for Alex would have improved his all time ranking from #32 to as high as 23rd all time passing Lou Brock, Rafael Palmeiro, Wade Boggs, Al Kaline, Roberto Clemente, and Frank Robinson to name a few.

Alex came into the 2014 ninth on the all time runs list with 1,919 runs scored. With another 100 runs scored in 2014, which would probably be generous but I am willing to be generous with a revamped offense in New York, Alex would finish somewhere around the 2,020 plateau in runs. 2,020 runs would put him eight on the list passing Stan Musial on the list and within striking distance of Willie Mays for seventh.

81 runs gets him to 2,000 runs scored in his career.

Alex is currently fifth on the all time list in RBI's with 1,969 for his career as of the end of the 2013 season. Give Alex 80 RBI's for the 2014 season and he would have 2,049 runs batted in for his career. An extra 80 RBI's is good for  third on the all time list passing home run king Barry Bonds and Lou Gehrig.

31 RBI's obviously gets him to 2,000 in his career.

Alex is currently 47th on the all time doubles list with 519 for his career. Alex is slowing down so adding 20 to that, which granted may be generous but we are banking on full and healthy 2014 seasons, would sit him at the 32nd spot and 539 doubles. 539 doubles passes the likes of Johnny Damon, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr, Ted Williams, Frank Robinson, and Lou Gehrig.

We all know about Alex's chase of the All Time home run list, a list that he currently sits fifth at with 654 home runs in his career. Alex would probably be good for 20 home runs if healthy in 2014 which would net him a career 674 home runs, a fourth place slot on the list, and a cool $6 million in salary for passing Willie Mays on the all time list.

Alex is sixth all time in extra base hits with 1,203 extra base hits in his career. Unless Alex went crazy and collected the 120 extra base hits in 2014 needed to catch Willie Mays for fifth all time I think that spot would be safe.

If Alex could have played in 82 games for the Yankees he would have passed Robinson Cano on the All Time Yankees list, which is always nice after he bolted for Seattle.

Alex Rodriguez is second on the active all time list in games played trailing only teammate Derek Jeter. Somewhere around 140 games this season would put him at an even 2700 games played for his career and allow him to jump from 46th all time to a tie at #28 with Graig Nettles.

Alex has a career .299 batting average that, with a good season, could see him ending his career with a  career .300 batting average which is always nice.

It's too bad Alex will not play this season and would not play without the suspicion of being clean or not because this would be a season to watch for all Yankees fans, especially Alex Rodriguez fans.

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  1. Very nice article Daniel...
    Probably one of the all time greatest all-round players in the history of the game.
    Even without the juice he seemed to think he needed, he had it of the few players with all SIX tools for baseball!
    Yes, I said six tools, one of the more important parts of the game that is over looked by many, when they evaluate a player. There have been a few with the sixth sense, some were great players and some not so great.
    Those that come to mind the quickest are; our 3rd baseman, Jeter, Pete Rose, Joe "D", Ted Williams, Satchel Paige and Brooks Robinson to name a few.


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