Friday, May 30, 2014

This Day In New York Yankees History 5/30

On this day in 1932 the New York Yankees honored former manager Miller Huggins in a pre-game ceremony. The former Yankees manager died near the end of last season and had received a plaque in his memory. The Yankees would sweep both games in the double header with the Boston Red Sox.

On this day in 1938 the Yankees set a new record for attendance at Yankee Stadium drawing 81,841 fans in a double header with the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees would win both games sweeping the Red Sox in the double bill.

On this day in 1956 Mickey Mantle came within 18 inches of becoming the first player to hit a home run out of Yankee Stadium. The blast came off the Washington Senators Pedro Ramos and the ball was still climbing when it hit the facade in the upper right field stands.

On this day in 1992 the Yankees Scott Sanderson beat the Milwaukee Brewers 8-1 to become the ninth pitcher to defeat all 26 teams in the major leagues at the time. Sanderson joins Nolan Ryan, Tommy John, Don Sutton, Mike Torrez, Rick Wise, Gaylord Perry, Doyle Alexander, and Goose Gossage with the feat.

On this day in 2007 in Toronto  a Jorge Posada pop out falls in between Howie Clark and John McDonald allowing Alex Rodriguez to score on the play. A Rod yelled that he got it while running by and tricked both the Blue Jays infielders in a "Bush League" move.


  1. That was not a bush league move, anymore than a fielder trying to fake a runner out in the infield or outfield. And if I recall he didn't say I got it, he said something else! But either way many players have said "I got it!"! There is a difference between say it, and shouting a fielder would do!
    Every week or so I read or hear of something he has done that is bush league or blown so out of proportion as to make something everyone else does, seem bad if he does it.
    Cutting across the edge of the pitching mound was bush league by the other team and some of our writers/bloggers....Bull crap! I have seen it done maybe 100 times or more. The pitcher was nowhere near the mound and was pissed off because our 3rd baseman walked across the edge of his mound...that is bush league! And the pitchers manager and some of the team mates backed him up...that was also bush league! The funny thing was, at first, the announcers thought it was no big deal, but after the other team made a big deal about it, they jumped on the band wagon.
    And one wonders why I hate, hate PC and those that perpetrate the BS. Don't people have a mind of their own...why be a lemming, it's stupid.
    Our guy has been the wiping boy of New York and the baseball world since he came to the Yankees...thank you Joe T and "The Click"! As soon as the players on other teams found out nobody was going to have his was open season. Someone forgot to tell the Players...TEAM means everyone, not just who they like.
    Rant for the month...very long also! Hell, I type more than I talk!

    1. Just one of those old unwritten rules we see broken more and more these days.

    2. I always quote Yogi when that is put out there; "If it ain't in the book, it ain't a rule"!
      Like the dust up the other day, or to-day, I forget! Big Daddy got hit and all hell broke out...If I were a pitcher I would hit him every time he dove over the plate. The plate is mine (as a pitcher), stay the hell off of it. The same for many of the players now days, they put on all that stuff for protection and then lean over the plate and are surprised if they get hit. The hitters have all the advantages; a lower mound, a much smaller strike zone, can't pitch inside, can't brush back a hitter...they go up there and dig in and then cry when they are forced to move their feet. They are very, very seldom hurt when they get hit anyhow...with all that armor on how could they get hurt, unless they lead with their hands over the plate!

  2. Replies
    1. Ok! So what is new about that? Play for Boston and anything goes! Play for Boston and you can get away with anything...ROIDs etc.!
      Leave Boston and all the dirty laundry comes out about how you didn't fit in...Yada, Yada, Yada.
      Real Class Act they have up there!

    2. I have come to the conclusion everyone is out of their mind thinking it is easier to be GM of the Yankees than a team like the Cubs/Royals!
      1st...they have lost so many years they get the high draft picks, every year. When one of their gifted players becomes eligible for FA, They trade him away and get very good...AAA, or AA players in return. Or they tender him and get another high draft pick.
      Conversely, the Yankees draft in the 2nd, 3rd round even 4th round sometimes times, because they go after the best players they could get (in the old days) and give up draft picks! Since King Georges' passing, they don't even go after the quality players that are out there. They go for quantity not quality now. Look at it, they make it so the GM can't make a move without the Tampa Cabals' OK anymore. Who in the hell would take the job, with those restrictions on him.
      I think the tenure of Cashman is about over; he said he was going to leave the job last contract time unless he had full control...the King gave it to him, then got sick and turned it over to his sons' to run.
      One a horse trainer, the other a bookkeeper...they know nothing about the day to day operations. So, instead of going with the GM they turn to Randy, a bookkeeper and GM want-to-be. Big surprise there, two bookkeepers have the power over the GM, that is smart!
      Bottom line; the Yankees have the money, but don't have the one guy in charge that, put the Farm System together and didn't want a few of the players he was forced into signing...I think he is going to quit!

  3. It's sort of a catch 22. Cashman won't quit, he doesn't get paid if he quits, but I am not entirely sure he will leave on his own accord either. While he has less control here he gets more money than most GM's make while here.

    He gets over ruled a lot but if my boss would do my job and pay me more to stay around I think I might wanna stick it out too...

    1. I am not 100% sure, but I think this is his walk year. He is under contract for this year but that is all.
      He can't be that bad, when every year his contract is up, he has 2 or more teams asking of him! This time I think he walks, not walks...more like, run to another team!
      Just my opinion, maybe you are more right than I am...we'll see! LOL

    2. I believe you are correct, this is his final season in his current contract


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