Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28 Yankees Open Game Thread vs. Detroit Tigers

Welcome to the Thursday afternoon edition of the open thread for the getaway game between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. The Yankees have their bags packed and their passports ready as they travel to our neighbors from the north to take on the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend in Rogers Centre. The Yankees will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound today to take on Kyle Lobstein for the Detroit Tigers in a game that the Yankees almost have to have. The game will be played at 1:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB Network, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN.

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It’s an open thread and I’m at work huddling at my desk trying to watch the game on the MLB At Bat app so keep me company in the comments section of the site. Talk about whatever you like. Enjoy the game Yankees family and enjoy the rest of your day. Go Yankees!


  1. Well I don't know who I should get pissed off at. Kelly for laying a fat turd again, or Girardi for continuing to go to a fat turd.

  2. Kelley has pitched better lately. Not that this fact makes it all better.

    1. He still has a 4.60 era, which isn't too far off his career era. That makes him a liability. He absolutely should not be used in high leverage situations. Even if he has had a couple of good outings. We have better options in the minor leagues. With every game being extremely important, those better options should be used. Shame on Cashman, Girardi, and the Yankee organization.

  3. I understand, and agree, I'm just saying he has been nasty lately with the slider. I don't necessarily disagree with trying to get an inning out of him, especially since Dellin didn't throw two innings, but I don't agree with it either. You use the hot arms, you win some and you lose some.

    The best thing the Yankees can do is let him go and keep Girardi away from him for the teams best interest.

  4. I agree with Jeff, but not because of his ERA...
    Era's are misleading for a BP pitcher! BP "A" goes out and gives up a run, that run makes his ERA+9.00, right? Thus he has to go a full nine innings of "O" runs, to get his ERA down to 1.00.
    With Kelley, a guy with nasty stuff, I would DFA and resign him to a minor contract. put him in AA to work out his C&C problems. He has the good stuff but, he gets burned on his command of the strike zone...(placing his pitches) some times!

  5. Daniel...
    Detroit needs a closer real bad, I mean real bad! Thing is they have no trading chips, well they do have a SS, Eugenio Suarez 22 years old in AAA, I think! Last time I checked, he just made it to AAA.
    There is no way I would trade for him with D-Rob. They would have to include one of the starting position players also.

  6. GREEDY'S :...

    What is important, is that the team rallies around each other. As they did today.
    These are trying times, but they holding together.
    It was a good sign, to see Kelly curse, as he slammed his glove to the ground.
    He did his best, and failed. But, he tried.
    ....................No actors, or fakes on this squad.

    But, they need more help. No miracles, or saints that reach out from the dead, to save you.
    Just add to what they have now, please. Before the tide goes out.
    The fire in the belly is there. Help them.

    The Rocket can relate....when the infantry squad has it's hands full, and is screaming for more do your best to get it to them ?
    That is my take.

    @ ROCKET & ELLIJAY...was not looking for the hero thing, the beach thing.
    The girl / women would have been pulled out to sea, by the rip current. She could not swim.
    It just happened to be me, that was near by, and saw it happening.
    You guys would have done the same.

    1. Not me Patrick, I run away from danger of any kind. I was the fastest runner in the Army. LOL!
      I still say, good job Patrick, some wouldn't have known she was in trouble, she was a lucky woman to say the least!
      I always liked the Navy, mostly the Medics.

  7. Pretty sure Suarez is their starting shortstop these days, like you though that was the last I checked. no way they give him or Castellanos (SP) in a deal for D Rob, even if he was worth it.

  8. Absolutely patrick we would have but there are people in this world who wouldn't have, and that's part of what makes you an awesome person.

    1. As the half Irishmen said, you followed the action, and took action, like all of us should, and you did! That is a true White Irishman! Many people see and freeze, sometimes yell for help but, are no help at all!
      The half is Daniel. LOL


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