Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reminder: Metal Detectors Installed In Bronx Tonight

Just a friendly reminder to all you fans heading out to the ball park tonight as the Yankees host the Houston Astros you may want to leave a little earlier than you normally would. Tonight the Yankees will have metal detectors installed at the entrances to Yankee Stadium as Major League Baseball attempts to get all 30 stadiums to install them. All 30 teams must have these installed by Opening Day for the 2015 season and the Yankees are going to comply starting tonight so leave a few minutes early and expect some delays when entering the stadium.

I moved from the Bronx to Atlanta, Georgia so whenever I go to a ball game I have to go to Turner Field and they have metal detectors and honestly it delays you all of a minute if you get there early enough. It’s your normal routine, put your wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. in the tray and walk through. If you beep the guy with the wand scans your belt buckle and you go on your merry way.

You can decline to go through the metal detector but the guy with the wand will have to scan you before being allowed into the stadium. Unfortunately it’s a necessary evil of the society and world we live in today but it’s hard, in my opinion anyway, to complain about being safer. I bring my wife and my children to these ball games so any added security that isn’t overly inconvenient and border lining on illegal is okay with me.

Go Yankees!

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