Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nick's Picks 2.0: Astros VS Yankees

So, I have returned after a short hiatus. I, like most people, am hugely superstitious and with the former streak which shall not be named I have also decided to shut it down. My picks were doing nothing but bringing constant dismay to readers and myself, so mostly myself. After finishing up the Rays series with two victories and a home series with the Astros, what better way to come back strong. Mixing it up a bit I have decided to highlight my picks in a different way. We need this series, we need the rest of this month, but most of all we need our Yankees to play like they are capable of playing. The time is now, and what better way to start it off with a strong win tonight and some losses by the ones ahead of us. The Yankees send Chris Capuano to the hill to face off against Mr. Alphabet himself, Brett Oberholtzer. Let the picking commence!

Break-out hitter: Brain McCann is going to do some damage tonight. This guy is due to get some runs in and show that no one in this lineup is giving up. McCann is a lefty and the match-up seems destined for disaster but McCann is going to wreck it tonight. I predict him to go 2-4 since he is batting in the seventh spot, and he will drive in two runs with a homerun. 

Pitching performance to watch: I want to say Capuano in this game because he will be masterful and keep us in the game, but I think we will see some serious work from the bullpen to close this out. As a whole the bullpen will finally string together a shut out effort with five strikeouts over the final three innings. 

Simply Clutch: The most clutch performer tonight will be Joe Girardi. Notice I said performer and not player because Girardi will make sure to mix and match the pen perfectly and bring home a win. With rest needed down the stretch look for him to wisely use people in this opener as Capuano goes six innings tonight. 

So for tonight I can predict a great start to this series. The Yankees need this series at this time, and with no room for error I am sure that the last two victories against the Rays will provide enough of a spark from here on out. Tonight I predict a Yankees victory by the score of 5-2. Let's go Yankees! Remember YCPB. 



  1. AMAZING !!
    Nick " The gypsy fortune teller " Sentman, calls the shot....amazing !
    I was laughing at your predictions, how could anyone know this stuff ? And, all of
    a sudden McCann hits the two run home run...as you called...amazing !
    Capuano does well, again, not bad.

    The trick now is....can you get us out of this with a win ? Anything left up your sleeve ?

  2. CAN YOU HEAR HIM ?....I can.
    That is, George Steinbrenner's voice from the grave...even from far away Oakalla, Florida.

    " All- Stars for just cash ? And we have none ? Dammit !...we should have had all of them !
    This fellow, Castillo, looks like a player.
    We signed him ?........yes ? ..No ? Someone said we have Stephan Drew ? Who the hell is he ?
    A Red Sox, that no one wanted ! And we signed him ? Good Christ !
    Cashman....get me a god dam shovel !

    1. George would have known Stephen Drew a whole hell of a lot better than Rusney Castillo.

      PS - I'm so sick of people thinking the team would be better if George were still alive. Give it a rest. Stop pretending that the Yankees were this unstoppable monster during George's entire tenure. George was at least partially responsible for a lot of garbage too. I loved the guy and miss him, but let's be real.

  3. We're "out" on Castillo according to Cashman.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)