Friday, October 31, 2014

2015 Free Agency Royal Rumble – Bullpen

Ladies and gentleman welcome to the 2015 Major League Baseball free agency Royal Rumble brought to you by The Greedy Pinstripes. Tonight we have all the potential bullpen outfield options for the New York Yankees heading into this winter in one ring vying for the contract of a lifetime, let’s go down to the ring.

In the red corner stands former Yankee Rafael Soriano, in the blue corner stands Andrew Miller, in the green corner stands Koji Uehara, and in the black corner stands Joba Chamberlain. Let’s get it on!

To be honest I added Joba to the list more or less for nostalgia and a joke, more so for the latter than the former, and I personally throw him over the top rope and leave the true winner of the day. Miller walks up and shakes my hand as I leave and continues to show me his qualifying offer after I am out of the ring while Uehara throws him over the top rope and to the floor. Uehara is 40 years old and is now tired from throwing Miller over the top rope and does not help the team get any younger as Soriano eliminates him from the contest. 

Soriano is the winner and will receive a one year deal at $10 million to help the Yankees bullpen in 2015.

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