Friday, October 31, 2014

Right a Wrong, Sign Torii Hunter

Before the 2013 season the New York Yankees were set to lose Nick Swisher to free agency. Almost immediately after the World Series ended and free agency began the name Torii Hunter was linked to the Yankees to be their right fielder and Swisher's replacement. As we all know Hunter wanted a two year deal, that he got in Detroit, while the Yankees refused to go above two years for the then 37 year old. New York ended up with Ichiro Suzuki on a two year deal in his age 39 season, I don't get the logic either, but the Yankees are in the position to right a wrong this offseason by bringing Hunter to the Bronx.

Hunter is now in his age 39 season but has not significantly dropped off in his production at the plate or in the field. Hunter spent much of the season batting in the #2 hole and playing right field for the Tigers this season. Hunter has played in at least 140 games in each of his last four seasons and has compiled at least 16 home runs and 80 RBI. In fact if Hunter was on the Yankees in 2014 he would have led the team in runs batted in.

It's hard to depend on Carlos Beltran in the outfield for more than 100 games so it would be a good idea to get someone that can split time with him. Hunter is right handed and could play the outfield while Beltran played DH or took the day off while balancing the Yankees lineup. Hunter is undoubtedly looking for a place to win a World Series before he retires and with him on the team that very well could be the Yankees.


  1. At age 39 with declining defensive, offensive, and power numbers I think so, yes.

    Plus in New York it's never truly "part time" as Joe Girardi mixes and matches all over the field. Hunter would not be kept just as a right fielder, he can play CF in a pinch and could play LF as well. DH is always an option once a week as well.

    1. DH? ARod, Tex, Beltran... that's a lot of DH days right there.

  2. That's why I mentioned the mixing and matching. You're playing theoretically 5-7 games a week. One game at DH for Hunter, 2 for A Rod, 2 for Beltran, 2 for Tex isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

    1. I suppose it's not. With Prado around it makes that much easier too.

    2. The more I think about it, he'd make a great 4th OFer.

  3. Hardest part will be keeping everyone happy.

    When Beltran DH's Hunter is in right.
    When Teixeira DH's A Rod is at first
    When A Rod DH's Prado is at third

    so on and so forth. Keep everyone fresh, keep everyone healthy.

  4. I had SS ranked....
    #1 Jorge Mateo
    #2 Tyler Wade
    #3 Abiatal Avelino
    #4Thairo Estrada
    #5 Yancarlos Baez is a power hitting SS 18 years old, the other 4 guys have a better reputation with the Glove but there isn't much information on this guy...defensively.
    I would say Mateo is in the lead so far, but watch for Estrada to go for it in 2015...he, as do the others, want that Number one spot!


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