Friday, October 31, 2014

Mark Reynolds is a Suitable Plan C

Mark Reynolds was a member of the New York Yankees during the 2013 season as Brian Cashman tried to acquire some much needed right handed power. Cashman's plan was to bring in Reynolds and have him lead the team along with Alfonso Soriano to the postseason. Obviously that plan did not work and Cashman did not bring Reynolds back for 2014 as he signed with the Milwaukee Brewers on a one year deal worth $2 million even though he made a ton of sense for the Yankees this season, will New York bring him back to the Bronx in 2015?

The Yankees are not planning on Alex Rodriguez playing 100+ games at third base this season and may not expect that total out of first baseman Mark Teixeira either making the need for a backup player at both positions even more dire. Chase Headley played the second half with the Yankees this season and is being viewed as a Plan A or Plan B on the team in my opinion. Reynolds is actually a better first baseman than Headley in defensively and is considered to be above average at third base, both a need for the Yankees. Reynolds is also a power hitter, although it is more of a power or nothing type of attack, and is right handed which balances the lefty heavy Yankees lineup.

Reynolds may not be the Yankees Plan A or even a Plan B but he would be a pretty good Plan C this offseason.

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