Wednesday, October 1, 2014

After "Crazy" Season, Drew Unsure If He'll Succeed Jeter

Free Agent Shortstop Stephen Drew is unsure if he'll be the one to succeed Derek Jeter next season.

Drew, who hit just .162 with 7 home runs and 26 RBIs in 85 games this year with the Red Sox and Yankees, is coming off a blatantly bad 2014, a fact that definitely makes his recent observation understandable.

“I don’t know who it’s going to be, but whoever it is, you have to realize how special it is to play there and that you’re not Derek,’’ Drew told The New York Post yesterday. “That’s the biggest thing. If you try to be like him — whoever it might be — you’re not him.’’

Indeed that's true. Nonetheless, considering Jeter only batted .256 this season it probably wouldn't be much of a downgrade if Drew were to take over for the longtime Yankee Captain, even if his performance this year was obviously less-than-desirable.

“This year was totally crazy,” Drew said. “I’m looking forward to a normal offseason. But I really like New York. They have something special here. We’ll see how things play out.’’

Going into the upcoming winter, Drew is just one of many players whose future with the Yankees is uncertain, with fellow veterans Chase Headley, Ichiro Suzuki, and Chris Young also falling into that category. Still, since Drew seems to have some offensive potential left it wouldn't be that bizarre if he were to be given a second chance next spring, as doing so likely wouldn't cost the team much money.


  1. Perhaps a "pillow" contract for Drew might be the best option. There's not a whole lot on the free agent market. They could do what they usually do and pay big money for aging players past their prime. (JJ Hardy and Asdrubal Cabrera) Or we could overpay in prospects for oft injured and high priced trade targets like Tulowitzki.

    1. Jeff, I agree with you, Drew is the guy we target..."Pillow" contract sounds good to me. I would love to have Tulow...IF he wasn't an injury waiting to happen!
      Some seam to forget we also must find a way to get an outfielder like Eury Perez playing time, if he can hit...isn't he around 24 years old or so?

  2. Eury Perez can't hit a lick, that's why he bounced around in Washington. That's why Washington traded for Denard Span. Eury Perez is a faster Antoan Richardson.

    I wouldn't be upset with a one year Drew contract. He can't be any worse than his 2014 stats and he won't command much in the way of salary, $5 million tops in my opinion, after his performance in Boston and New York.

    The wild card here is that Korean SS whose name escapes me right now.

    1. Thank you Daniel for the up date, I figured that had to be the bad! I had also forgotten the Korean SS, well not really but, I figured the Tampa Cabal would stop that one because of the money.

  3. If we were going to make a sizeable investment on a ss, I agree with signing the Korean ss. If not, a 1 year contract for Drew makes the most sense.

  4. Yes, agreed. I am not a huge fan of JJ Hardy and his power drop off at (again, going off memory since EVERYTHING is blocked at work) 32 years old.

  5. I think Drew can handle the job for a year or so, giving the kids; Mateo, Avelino, Wade, Estrada or even Hyo Jun Park time to mature!
    None of the over 30 FA are much better than Drew anyhow, and Drew has a good glove and range.
    Why not?


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