Saturday, October 18, 2014

YES Network Writer Makes Case For Why Yankees Should Sign Cabrera

A YES Network article has made the case for why the Yankees should sign former Indians Infielder Asdrubel Cabrera.

Doug Williams, a writer for the channel's website, laid out the opinion in a post published Thursday. Cabrera, who spent the last few months of this season with the Nationals, will be a free agent this winter, and is expected to garner at least some interest from New York's AL representative.

"The best word to use when describing Asdrubal Cabrera would be solid," Williams argued. "You can expect 15-20 home runs and 60-70 RBI from him on a yearly basis."

Williams used Cabrera's age and price as further reasons for his viewpoint. 

"He's only 28 years old and is a two-time All-Star," Williams said. "The combination of being young, experienced, and not wildly expensive is what makes Cabrera the best option out there. And if the Yankees sign him to a two or three-year contract and decide to upgrade at any point, he's a valuable piece on the bench with the flexibility to play multiple positions and hit from both sides of the plate."

Cabrera, an eight-year veteran, is a .268 career hitter. Of his 87 total home runs, interestingly, 69 have come since 2011, easily making him a desirable power option.

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