Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bryan Mitchell the Next Yankees Sleeper

The New York Yankees have made it a habit over the Joe Girardi tenure of turning out starting pitching and bullpen pieces from the farm system. Obviously none of them have come up and been the ace that takes the league by storm in the starting side of the equation New York has brought along some really effective and helpful bullpen pieces, see Dellin Betances. The list of names is impressive when you think about the amount of talent the Yankees system was pushing out just five or so years ago, names like David Phelps, Adam Warren, Shane Greene, Ivan Nova, could Bryan Mitchell be next?

Mitchell was awfully effective when used by Girardi in 2014 both out of the bullpen and in his one spot start this season. Most pitchers exhibit a little rust or inability to get outs after sitting on the bench for weeks at a time but Mitchell never seemed to skip a beat. His preparedness and his heart really shown through in each and every opportunity he got this season and he made the most out of it.

For every Jose Ramirez the Yankees bring up they have two more Chase Whitley’s and it seems like Mitchell is going to be the next Greene, Whitley, Betances, or maybe just the next Mitchell. Either way the kid deserves a shot in the majors not because of the hype but because he has earned it. See you in 2015 kid. 

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