Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chase Headley the Next Russell Martin?

Shock waves went around the league this week when the Toronto Blue Jays signed Russell Martin to basically Brian McCann money with a five year deal worth $82 million. Many around the league stated that the Blue Jays over-payed for a specific need the team needed, and they did to be honest, but the team felt they needed Martin to fill the position so they went out and got their man. Good for Toronto and I feel like Martin is going to make the Yankees hate him for the next two or three seasons at least playing for the Blue Jays but I digress. This makes me feel more confident about my prediction just a few days back when I said that offense is going to come at an absolute premium this winter. Enter Chase Headley.

Toronto had to go above and beyond what Martin probably earned, will earn, or deserved with the deal which makes me wonder if the Yankees will or will have to do the same with Headley. As long as Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez are on the board the discussions for Headley may be reasonable but once those two big names come off the board I can see the price for Headley skyrocketing.

Would you give four or five years to Headley at $12- $15 million? I'm not entirely sure if I would but if the past is any indicator of the future it may come to that.

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