Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Greedy Pinstripes Top 28 Prospects List: #18

Prospects Month is in full swing and we're already up to our 18th best prospect in the farm system, Juan DeLeon. DeLeon marks the first prospect from the big International spending spree to be showcased on the list this season which is pretty cool. 

Here is the write up from Kyle McDaniel on DeLeon:

Juan DeLeon, RF Video: DeLeon was my favorite prospect of the Yankees’ July 2nd haul when he signed, even though he only got the third highest bonus ($2 million), behind Dermis Garcia and Nelson Gomez. He has very quick hands, with easy plus bat speed and arm strength to go with above average foot speed and power potential. As with some of his young peers facing players five years older than them, DeLeon would get out of control at the plate at times in instructs, but he made hard contact when he stayed within himself and didn’t hesitate to show off his arm in right field. It’s too early to know for sure, but there’s a good chance he’ll join the best players from the July 2nd class in the GCL in 2015. This may sound crazy, but DeLeon’s Dominican trainer, who goes by “Banana,” is known for developing advanced hitters and DeLeon is continuing that trend.

18. Juan DeLeon
19. Dante Bichette Jr. 
20. Domingo German
21. Slade Heathcott
22. Nick Rumbelow
23. Jose Ramirez
24. Ramon Flores
25. Gosuke Katoh
26. Chasen Shreve
27. Taylor Dugas
28. Johnny Barbato


  1. ??????? Maybe, but I've been hard pressed to even find any information about this guy. Not quite sure how he makes this list at 16 years and absolutely no time playing in anything even resembling pro ball. It's almost like watching a little league game and saying "This kid's going to be something."

    1. Prospect lists are almost always based on projections. Remember that one list, can't remember who now, who had Jorge Mateo all the way at the #5 position? This is no different. DeLeon could be a stud and I don't personally see an issue in ranking his upside and project-ability.

      maybe I'm wrong.

    2. It's no different then when Clarkin, Judge and Jagielo were drafted and the post-draft rankings came out and two or all three of them were in the Top 10.

    3. I understand that. Clarkin was probably ranked a little high for a high school player. But Judge and Jagielo were both college players. Judge had one College's version of the homerun derby, and Jagielo had a good showing in a pretty prestigious summer league called the Cape Cod League. DeLeon is a mere kid that has literally done nothing but "showcase" for scouts. Huge difference Daniel.

    4. Not really much of a difference. It's not like I put DeLeon in the Top 10, He's 18th. In terms of a prospects list and how interchangeable all these numbers are he could be 25th.

    5. I just don't know anything about him, and I'll gladly admit that. My problem with his placing is that I scoured bing, google, and everything else I could think of only to find nothing about this child other than the fact that he's 16 and the Yankees paid $2 million dollars to sign him. You're placing him 10 spots higher than players that are more established on US soil. I disagree is all.

  2. JUMPIN' JEFF L.......don't get yourself loopy, or hard pressed.
    DeLeon has a Dominican trainer named....." Banana "
    Banana says the kid is gonna be good ! What's to worry ?

    1. NO !......his last name is not Hammock.
      Judging from where Banana hails from, I would have to say it's.....Banana Republic.


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