Sunday, March 29, 2015

Alex Rodriguez Will Never Get His Chance on The Player's Tribune

I have been reading anything and everything that I can regarding David Ortiz's article that he posted on Derek Jeter's The Player's Tribune. Whether it be the article itself, the rebuttal's going all over the internet by that "red headed jheri curled reporter" or just plain old opinion articles from bloggers like myself I cannot get enough of this right now. When I originally saw the article on the blog I rolled my eyes and kept scrolling but what ultimately sparked my interest was an article posted on another blog, Bleeding Yankee Blue.

Robert Casey, my friend, was blatantly attacked on Twitter and on email apparently because he wrote an article labeled "Jeter's Big Mistake" which showed the utmost respect for Jeter while questioning why Alex Rodriguez was not given a shot to tell his side of the story. Jeter will never give Rodriguez that opportunity.

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