Sunday, March 29, 2015

Who's On First?!?!? Alex Rodriguez!

Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira

I have been saying for about a week now that I am growing tired of the spring training games, competitions and activities and I am really just ready for the games to count for something. Well today is going to be a little different as Alex Rodriguez gets his first time in his career at first base. Granted it's a spring training game against the Houston Astros but A Rod is playing first base nonetheless.

The Yankees have Mark Teixeira at first base and Garrett Jones backing up the position so this means little in the grand scheme of things. I think the only reason Rodriguez is even getting some reps at the position is so the team can keep Brendan Ryan on the bench and Brian McCann behind the plate. A Rod is basically the third string there, if that, but it's still interesting to see a (soon to be) 40 year old player learning a new position for the first time.

It's enough to get me watching, oh yeah someone decided this game shouldn't be televised. How disappointing, and convenient.

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