Wednesday, May 13, 2015

April Carlos Beltran or May Carlos Beltran

Let’s just cut to the chase, during the month of April Carlos Beltran was absolutely horrible. He looked done and many, including myself, called for him to be simply released or benched for the rest of the season. Then the calendar changed to May and Beltran is an entirely new hitter at the plate and even hit a home run in back to back games on Sunday and Monday giving the Yankees some signs of life and hope for this season. You have to remember that Beltran changed a lot of his approach last season to be able to stay in the lineup and to be able to take at bats with his bone spur problem. Along the lines Beltran presumably picked up more than a few bad habits that he is now trying to break in live action MLB games rather than in the spring or in the minor leagues. With Chris Young playing so well his playing time has also been cut dramatically further complicating the problem but with Beltran’s recent hot streak it begs the question, is this the Beltran we will see for the remainder of the season or will the team ride this hot streak out before he turns back into a .200 hitter?

This sounds like all the makings of a Twitter poll, doesn’t it? Here are your responses:

Honestly I think Beltran will be fine as long as Young continues to hit well. Will Beltran be the guy the Yankees signed after leading the St. Louis Cardinals to the World Series? Probably not, but he can be better than he was in April of this season and can be better than he was in all of 2014. I truly believe that, stay tuned.

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