Monday, May 11, 2015

ICYMI: The Almost Daily Dozen: #Hashtags trending on TGP

From Bryan Knepper:

I really don't want to talk about how #TheBinder lost the game by trying to be cute tonight or how awful Headley must feel after the #FormerYankeeKiller Russell Martin hit the go-ahead infield single.  Instead here are some of my personal favorite hashtags that we, here at The Greedy Pinstripes, like to use during LIVE tweets of the games:

1. #TheBinder.  If you didn't know, Joe Girardi's nickname is "The Binder".  He goes to his faithful book of knowledge for virtually every situation and in my opinion out thinks himself quite often.  This mostly happens with the pitching staff.

2. #ForgiveARod.  Led by DBurchHero, we here have been trumpeting for A-Rod to be forgiven for his transgressions.  It is the only way to move on as an organization.

3. #GetGreedy.  The namesake of this blog came from a tongue-in-cheek effort by several of us here at TGP when we were over on another (and obsolete) forum.  It started with the effort to bring Manny Ramirez back to the Bronx and was used to make fun of the less-endowed bank accounts of lesser teams.

4. #NappyBeard.  This started last year every time Mike Napoli and his nasty beard would come to the plate against the Yankees or if he makes a stupid error in the field.  We don't like him...does it show?

5. #EllsBells.  Supposedly the Sahx fans used this for him at Fenway...since I've never been to FP, I contend that I came up with it.  Sorry lose again.

6. #ShutTheKrukUp.  This was added to the TGP lexicon just last night and should be pretty self-explanatory. John Kruk is a horrible broadcaster and just needs to concentrate on eating chili cheese dogs instead of doting over Dustin Pedroia.

7. #FormerYankeeKiller.  It seems that every former Yankee that plays them comes up with big hits or big outs on the mound (re: Russell Martin tonight OR Philthy in the past OR even Joba on occasion).

8. #EnterSandman.  Wow...don't you wish this was still an active hashtag on twitter? Although that other guy is doing well right now, which brings me to...

9. #MillerTime. it's not very sue us! Wit and sarcasm takes a lot of's nice to be able to rest our brains in the 9th inning.

10. #Knepper'sFault.  This is primarily used to describe when the Yankees start losing after I turn on the game or something bad happens due to superstition.  It's primarily (over)used by Daniel Burch.

11. #TanakaTime.  Let's hope we get to use this hashtag pretty soon, eh?

12. #GardyParty.  Use this whenever Brett #TheHitman Gardner does something great on the diamond, which is on average 2.5 times per game.

I hope you enjoyed this abbreviated list of a DOZEN #Hashtags commonly used by TGP.  What are some of your favorite #Yankees hashtags?  Feel free to add them to the comments section and who knows they may be trending during tomorrow's game!


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)