Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Marketable Twitter Milestones & Thank You’s

Whether or not this milestone for the blog is marketable or not is up for debate and it may go to an arbitrator or not but I am going to make the executive decision and say that it is. If you weren’t following along on Sunday night when the New York Yankees were facing off with, and subsequently sweeping, the Boston Red Sox you missed out on a bit of a milestone for the blog. We eclipsed the 3,000 follower mark in the 8th inning of the contest due to nothing less than hard work and determination. We didn’t pay for followers, we never paid for SEO help on the blog, nothing like that. We worked hard, we interacted with you guys and enjoyed every second of it.

This is truly a humbling experience for me because honestly I didn’t even want a blog. I wanted a sports forum. Long story short sports forums are dying and the blog is flourishing as it approaches the big 1,000,000 view mark and honestly I still can’t believe it. I have no words to truly put how I am feeling down in print as I write this and all I can say is thank you about a million times. I truly do appreciate each and every one of you and everything you do with and for the blog. You make it worth doing every single day and because of everyone reading this, every commenter on the site, everyone who sends me emails, tweets me, etc. this has all become possible.

The best part about it though is this is just the beginning and the sky is the limit. So excuse me while I break my arm patting myself, Bryan Van Dusen who also owns the site and pushed for this and anyone and everyone who has ever posted on the site or written for the site. They deserve it. We deserve it. We, the writers, the owners and the readers, deserve this. Thank you.

Daniel Burch


  1. Good show and congrats to both you and Bryan for putting a well run and relaxed blog for us to have our thoughts see the light of day.

    1. Can't be done without you guys, truly believe that.


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