Tuesday, May 5, 2015

USA Today’s Weekly Power Rankings 5/4

I think we may have skipped last week’s power rankings because I don’t remember doing one so my apologies for that but we’re back this week with a fresh new set of power rankings from USA Today. New York should be ranked pretty well this week after a weekend series sweep of the Boston Red Sox and a series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays but just how well are they ranked? Keep reading to find out.

I know you’re here for the Yankees ranking but we have to start at the top with the St. Louis Cardinals. Raise your hand if you had the Cardinals having the best record in Major League Baseball at this point in the season. Now keep your hand raised if you’re a liar. Rounding out the top five are the Detroit Tigers, the Kansas City Royals, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the surprise Houston Astros. Just outside of the Top 5 in the sixth position is the Bronx Bombers who are three spots up from last week and one spot ahead of the New York Mets. The American League East is well represented in the Top 15 with Tampa Bay coming in 10th, Baltimore coming in 12th, the Boston Red Sox coming in at the lucky #13 spot and the Blue Jays rounding at the Top 15 at #15.

The biggest jump in the rankings belonged to the Miami Marlins who jumped nine spots all the way to the #14 spot while the biggest fall belongs to the Pittsburgh Pirates who fell five spots to #11. The worst five teams according to the rankings are, in order, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago White Sox, the Texas Rangers, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Milwaukee Brewers.

These rankings are starting to mean something the larger the sample size gets so it may be time to start paying attention to them. Remember when the Yankees were ranked #28 though and the sky was falling in the Bronx? Yeah, me neither. 

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  1. After watching the clip, you showed of A-Rod helping/working with Didi, I thought I would point out something some fans may have missed.
    A-Rod was pointing out how to field the ball...it sounds crazy right? But it is something I would yell at him (as I watched him fumble so many throws) and my boss would say very nicely..."He can't hear you, tell him in person!" so I will, as A-Rod told him!
    For a very long long time, I played 2nd base with one of the smallest gloves around. My reasoning was just what A-Rod was telling Didi...Catch the ball in the glove pocket, not the web. One can feel the ball in the pocket but not the web, therefore, no need to look at your glove or feel for it because it is in the pocket..right, where your hand will go by instinct. Quick and much easier to transfer to your throwing hand and make the quick throw.
    Sounds simple, right? It is, but not everyone has the hand-eye coordination to do it! After watching him these last few games, I see a big improvement in his quicker and more refined throws.
    One caveat to that is, a few 2nd basemen use a smaller glove than an SS just because of the DP!

    Thank you, Mister Rodriguez and hope you become a coach someday as I know you have the eye and knowledge to be a very good one some day...even if it is only spring training every year!


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