Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Twitter: To Jose Pirela or Not to Jose Pirela

To Jose Pirela or not to Jose Pirela, that is the question I asked our Twitter followers yesterday morning after the Yankees second baseman had 10 hits over the weekend while on a rehab assignment with the Scranton RailRiders. I’m not quite sure, and I am exaggerating but honestly not by much, if Gregorio Petit has even had 10 hits period in his major league career begging the question once again, to Jose Pirela or not to Jose Pirela? Will Pirela be activated and called up for New York with Petit sent down to Triple-A? I think so, what say you?

I know that Petit’s sole purpose on the team is to provide some insurance at the shortstop position but without looking it up I’d feel safe in saying that Gregorio has played much more second base than shortstop this season. The Yankees have Stephen Drew at second base who could slide into the shortstop position while Pirela could play his natural, and best, position at second. In case of an injury or emergency you could always bring Petit back up anyway making this a bit of a no-brainer for New York. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the Yankees will call up Pirela but they definitely should.

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