Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Troy Tulowitzki to the Bronx Parade Starts Here

As many of you know I am a big fan of Troy Tulowitzki and I have been beating the drum for him to come to the Bronx for a couple seasons now. Between the re-emergence of Derek Jeter in 2012, Jeter's retirement tour in 2014 and the hip surgery that Tulo underwent this offseason the stars have not aligned for Tulowitzki to follow in the footsteps of his idle in the Bronx. With the Yankees currently employing a struggling shortstop in Didi Gregorius and Tulo reportedly meeting with his agent this week to discuss whether to request a trade from the Colorado Rockies may align the stars as much as they are going to be aligned any time soon.

Paul Cohen represents Tulowitzki and may help him make the biggest decision of his career this coming week. While Cohen and Tulo could request a trade that doesn't mean Colorado has to honor that trade, I get that but this could be just the first domino to fall in an eventual breakup between the club and Tulowitzki. The bottom line is the Rockies have fallen victim to four consecutive losing seasons and while Tulo is oft-injured he has to be getting tired of losing, anybody would be.

The deal makes more sense then ever for the Yankees because Colorado would almost have to eat some of the salary owed to Tulowitzki, maybe even as much as half, due to the fact that Tulo is averaging just 117 games per season in his career. If Tulo is traded any team would be potentially taking on six years and $120 million after a $2 million bonus and an automatic no-trade protection triggers in his contract if he is traded. While the Yankees have been going defense first in the infield the team has long coveted Tulowitzki's services and may make an exception for another #2.

Will the Yankees make the deal? Honestly who knows but if they don't this season then they never will, that much seems clear to me. Tulo is not getting younger and will likely not exceed his best seasons going forward but he does represent a significant upgrade over what New York currently has in the Bronx. Should the Yankees make the deal? Of course it comes down to the deal, who the team is giving up and how much, if anything, Colorado would be willing to put into the deal to sweeten the pot. If New York can unload Didi for Tulo while not emptying the farm or taking on  $100 million on their books I think the team at least has to think about it... no?

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