Thursday, May 14, 2015

Twitter Poll: Yankees Fans Don’t Want Tulo?

I didn’t plan on doing another Twitter poll yesterday but it just kind of happened when I asked the question whether the Yankees should acquire Troy Tulowitzki if he asked for a trade like he is expected to do this week. Even with the Yankees winning despite the black holes that are Stephen Drew and Didi Gregorius I expected the Yankees family, despite his injury history and large contract, to be all for acquiring their next #2 but I was shocked to see some of the responses I got. I posted this morning my post clamoring for Tulo in the Bronx and truth be told I wrote that on Tuesday night halfway expecting the majority of the Yankees fans to agree with me. I was shocked to read some of the responses and felt compelled to share them with you this afternoon before the game tonight with the Rays.

I know the guy has been injured a lot but so was AJ Burnett when the team acquired him off the free agent market and got at least a good season and a half of production out of him. He may not have pitched as well as the team had hoped but he took the ball every 5th day and seemed like he was a late bloomer when it came to durability. Getting Tulo out of the elevation in Colorado and surrounding him with a manager that will rest those nagging injuries and a team that is great in both range and overall defense, not to mention the DH position, I think Tulo could be fine. Apparently I’m in the minority here.

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  1. I know you've been beating the drum on Tulo for sometime now Daniel. And I agree that he would be a significant upgrade over Didi. His contract doesn't even really bother me because it's just money. The Yankees have plenty of that. The reason I wouldn't pull the trigger is because of the prospects we would have to send. It would probably take 3 of our top 5 prospects. Honestly, I think we should just live with Didi/Drew until Mateo is ready.

    1. I honestly don't think it would take much. The Yankees could eat the entire contract, where no one else would, and save Judge, Bird and Severino. Everyone else is pretty expendable IMO.

  2. It wouldn't take that much from 28 other teams, but the Yankees have always had to overpay on prospects. But if a package of Refsnyder/Sanchez/Clarkin would get it done, then I say go for it. I just think it's going to take at least one of Severino or Judge. I wouldn't do that. Those guys should be untouchable.


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