Thursday, May 14, 2015

Weekly Check In: Tyler Austin

Tyler Austin is currently in a holding pattern down in Scranton as he has done enough to warrant a call up on most teams, not New York of course, but does not have an obvious spot on the roster. If I were making the decisions I think I would have to let Garrett Jones off the hook and let him go elsewhere while calling up Austin. The Georgia boy has played third base, first base and the outfield in his professional career with the Yankees and could not be any worse defensively then Jones has been. Honestly he could probably be better at first base especially and that’s not even his natural position, Jones is that bad right now with the glove.

While it may hurt his development to bring him up and sit him on the bench rather than letting him play every day with the RailRiders I would much rather see these stats in the Bronx then in some town in Pennsylvania. 


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