Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees still have one of the most prominent hitters in all the minor leagues hitting bombs with their Double-A affiliate the Trenton Thunder. The Yankees lack a true power bat that truly scares away the opposing pitchers and teams in the Bronx leaving many to wonder why the team won’t call up Aaron Judge. Whether the team truly believes that Carlos Beltran can turn things around or not remains to be seen but either way the longer Beltran is expected to not only play right field but hit in the middle of the lineup the longer this season is going to be for fans of the Yankees.

When Judge steps up to the plate for his next game he will be looking to improve on this stat line:


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  1. I love these weekly check ins. I check minor league stats daily, but I know most fans don't. With the Yankees struggling for offense, particularly at 2b and Rf, I don't understand why Girardi isn't kicking Cashman's door open demanding Refsnyder and Judge.


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