Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What Players Need To Stand Up?

          I'm happy that the Yankees are currently in 1st place in the American League East. But, a 28-25 record is not something to be happy about. A lot of players need to stand up and pull their weight around.

CC Sabathia is 2-7 with a 5.45 ERA, that obviously needs to change. Five years ago, CC big name big pitcher, and 20 Game winner. Arguably the best Starting Pitcher in the American League. Now he has lost his dominating fastball and the last two seasons his ERA has gone up a lot. I believe that he can get his act together and turn it around and have a winning season.

Didi Gregorius has struggled a little bit this season, Combine April and May Gregorius hit 2 homers, drove in 11 runs, 32 hits, and is hitting .219. Last night he got two hits against the Mariners, which is a good sign. I believe that if he plays 155 games this season he will have great numbers, and his fielding will get better. The Yankees and every other team in the MLB need a hard hitting and great defensive SS.

Stephen Drew has been a disappointment so far this year. He is hitting for .168, 5 homeruns, and 16 RBIS in 48 games this season. When he was playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks he was a very productive ball player. However, injuries have been a problem for him the last few years. But he's 32 that's still young and he has a lot of baseball left in him.

Garrett Jones has had three 20 or more homerun seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Yankees brought him in for more power. So far, he has only homered once, but he has only appeared in 26 games. If Garrett Jones plays 130-140 games for the Yankees this season, he will hit 20 or more homeruns. Last night he hit the game leading 3 Run homer for the Yankees in the 11th inning, so maybe he starting up a hot streak.

Chase Headley drove in 115 RBIS in 2012 which led the NL. But the guy hasn't been the same since then. In San Diego he really didn't have that much protection in the lineup. But now he in New York with more protection in the batting lineup than he had in San Diego. So far he has homered 6 times, and drove in 24 RBIS, At this rate he will hit 18 homeruns, and drive in 72 runs. Those numbers are pretty good but we want the 2012 Chase Headley instead.

Adam Warren has had his ups and downs in the bullpen between 2012 and 2014 for the Yankees. But now he is in the Starting Rotation. 2015 is Warren's chance to prove that he belongs in the Yankees Starting Rotation. But, he has had a lot of games this year that he has struggled. He gives up a lot of runs and hits. But he doesn't walk that many batters so that is a really good sign. He is projected to go 4-6 with a 5.02 ERA the rest of the season. lets hope that he proves us wrong.


  1. Robert not sure what kool aid your drinking on Didi and Drew. Both guys have been major disappointments and I don't see a positive spin on either for the rest of the year. CC in my opinion has nothing left and is a big no pun intended hinderence on our overall salary limitations that exist, however no one wants to acknowledge that. Sorry Dude but I blatantly disagree with your post

  2. Very well done Robert D., well thought out compendium, of the black hole.
    Now comes the part where everyone has an opinion, good or bad, and as usual, I do.

    Although, I still think Didi can turn things around, CC is toast as a starter and should be moved to the BP. Drew should be gone and replaced with Refsy at second. Which would mean we would have to call up Castillo from Trenton as a backup for 2nd, 3rd and SS. he is a good glove not a lot of power but has a good Average last time I checked. Sending down Pirela is not a thing I would like to see happen but he must be sent down as he can't play SS if the need arises.

  3. Not to stick up for CC Sabathia at all but if you watch the game and don't simply read the box scores you know that he has pitched much better than his 2-7 record suggests. Honestly, and this is my opinion, if he was pulled when he should have been or got at least decent defense he would be closer to four or even five wins with his run support.

    Didi may be coming around or he may just be on a little hot streak. Two hits last night, another multi hit game this afternoon in Seattle. His power numbers are meaningless, he isn't here to hit home runs. The most important stat is his defense is better. He has cut down on his errors and his bone headed plays. I didn't say he was without either totally but he has DRASTICALLY cut down on all facets of the game.

    Stephen Drew's only saving grace is his power. Jose Pirela probably doesn't have six home runs right now and neither does Robert Refsnyder, that's not their games. His average sucks though and he needs to go, either off the team or to the bench to backup Didi.

    Trade Garrett Jones now.

    This isn't 2012, don't expect 2012 from Chase. We didn't trade for 2012 Chase and we're not paying for 2012 Chase.

    Adam Warren needs to step it up? Take Pineda out of the rotation and he's the ace, and it's not even close.

  4. And welcome to the family Robert, we appreciate your posts!


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