Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brett Gardner Wins Heart & Hustle Award

For the fourth time in the last six seasons a member of the New York Yankees has won the Heart & Hustle Award and that man is Brett Gardner. Just 48 hours after getting a slap on the wrist from Major League Baseball and Yankees GM Brian Cashman for wearing white cleats while the rest of his teammates wore black cleats, a big no-no according to the league, he received the award from MLB.

Every MLB team names one winner from their respected clubs and then the pool of 30 goes to a league-wide vote of sorts. Gardner’s hustle and heart must show on the field to not just the Yankees fans because Gardner was picked by his peers for the fourth time to win the award.

Imagine how much hustle he would show if he was allowed to wear those white cleats though, think about it Commissioner Manfred. 

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