Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weekly Check In: Jose Pirela

The weekly check in revolving door moves on to a familiar face this week, a face that has seen some time with the Major League club in 2015 in Jose Pirela. Let’s not equivocate here, Pirela wasn’t the greatest while with the big club and didn’t make the most of his cup of coffee in the majors but he was still better than Stephen Drew. Pirela’s biggest downfall was his defense which was overall solid in the minor leagues but became borderline atrocious in the major leagues. Bright lights? Nerves? Who knows!

Truth be told, not every player is made out to be a bench player. Bench players come in and play once or twice a week or come in late into games and are expected to be machines. This works better for veteran players who could fall out of bed and stroke a double into the gap or turn a 6-4-3 double play and not so well sometimes in rookie’s cases, especially Pirela. Pirela can hit, you can look below and see his minor league numbers which have drastically improved since his demotion, and Pirela can field, he can field anywhere to be honest, but he just wasn’t able to put it all together in the Bronx.

The good news for Pirela is this though, if he continues to put up numbers like he has in the past two or three weeks and calms down enough in the field to do what anyone who has watched him knows he can do then he will be back on the active roster in no time. This Yankees team is far from a finished product and as we inch closer to the July 31st trading deadline the only constant will be change, and that change may bring Pirela back up for the August and September run. 

2015 AAA,AA,A+ 27 120 23 33 10 2 11 3 9 15 .300 .358 .445 .804

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