Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Plan for the Return of Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller could be coming off the disabled list as soon as today after pitching in a rehab inning yesterday with the Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders. Miller, unlike a starting pitcher, does not have to be stretched out beyond 30 pitches or so and could conceivably be back in the Bronx and in the 9th inning for the Yankees tonight. With Miller coming back of course a roster move will need to be made, what will that roster move be though? Thankfully for New York and GM Brian Cashman, who undoubtedly reads my work, I have a plan.

Obviously the likes of Adam Warren, Dellin Betances, Justin Wilson and Chasen Shreve are locks to stay in the bullpen while Chris Capuano and Bryan Mitchell are potentially on the outside looking in so who do the Yankees choose? The young right hander who has impressed thus far, but has minor league options, or the veteran left hander who is no longer needed with Warren in the relief role? Does Capuano’s $5 million in salary that would have to be designated for assignment factor into the decision? In a word, yes.

We all know before even reading this and before reading the official decision by the Yankees that Mitchell is going down and Capuano is staying. It’s not right, it’s the wrong decision and it’s discouraging not only to Mitchell but to the Yankees fans as well but it’s going to happen. What’s my plan? Send Capuano a bottle of wine and a thank you card with his bus ticket to Triple-A after he’s designated and nobody claims him. That’s just me though, I like Mitchell a lot more and I think he is the final missing piece to a dominant bullpen puzzle. He’s right handed, he throws hard, he throws strikes and most importantly he has shown an ability to get major league hitters out on a consistent basis as a starter and as a relief pitcher.

With Mitchell in the pen I truly think the team could bring him along much like they did Warren and David Phelps in recent years by starting them in the bullpen and eventually giving them a chance to start and prove themselves. It won’t happen, it’s just a pipe dream I know, but it should and that’s my plan. Eat the $5 million for Capuano and send him down to Triple-A for the next time the team needs him. 


  1. ELLIJAY BURCH......I agree to a point on Capuano.
    I think Capuano will be moved before the trade deadline. The team can rid themselves of
    what is left of this years salary. But....Capuano has to continue to pitch in the majors.
    There after...yes, Mitchell should be allowed to get his chance.

    The 'Revolver' tonight...7PM. Great theater, great for comments.

    1. Capuano probably won't be on the postseason roster, yeah I went there, but I agree that he'll probably be on the team at least through July. Unfortunately.


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