Monday, August 31, 2015

David Robertson Back In Pinstripes?

When the news first broke that the Yankees had claimed David Robertson I thought nothing of it. Claims like that happen all the time, and nothing happens. I figured that the White Sox are simply going to pull back Robertson, and everybody will go on their merry ways.

I mean, this isn't a case of a player making more money than they're worth. D-Rob has an ERA of 2.60, and WHIP of 0.855, so far this season. His walk percentage is a career low 1.9%, and his strikeout rate of 12.3 per 9 innings is a tick above his career average. To sum it up, I highly doubt the White Sox are having buyer's remorse here.

But then I thought about it, and although the chances of Robertson making a return to the Yankees are closer to "nil" than "slim", it could happen.

The White Sox are currently in fourth place in the AL Central, only a game and a half ahead of the last place Detroit Tigers. So this season is all but over with for them. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Royals will surely be picked to win the division again next year, and for good reason.

And don't forget that even though the Yankees already have an incredible one-two punch in the bullpen, they tried hard to deal for Craig Kimbrel a month ago. So I'm sure they'd be willing to make a deal for Robertson.

Another thing to consider is that Craig Kimbrel has one less year remaining on his contract (if you ignore his team option) than D-Rob, and is also three years younger. So even though Robertson is having a better season, the cost to acquire him shouldn't be any more than it would have been for Kimbrel.

So while I'm not counting on the Yankees and White Sox agreeing on a trade for Robertson, it's not silly to think it could happen.


  1. and the record for the fastest a blog post becomes irrelevant goes to...

  2. We did that carousel before with him getting ahead int he count 0-2 or 1-2 and blink it was 3-2 and a walk or a hit. I can't stand Cashman, however letting DROB go and signing Miller was a great move. See you DROB


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